Student Testimonials

Peggy Lee's teaching style is so incredibly different! It's amazing to me how upbeat she is all the time...always very very encouraging...I really look forward to lessons because they are a lot of fun!

Jonathan Gold, Owner/Director of Oak Crest Day Camp in New Jersey


Peggy is a masterful teacher who cares about her craft and students. She approaches her work with both professionalism and playfulness, rigor and flexibly, structure and creativity. What's more, Peggy has a growth mindset, is open to feedback, and is constantly seeking to improve. If you are serious about learning Chinese, look no further.

Roi Ben-Yehuda, Professor at Columbia University

During my numerous years with Peggy Lee as my teacher I grew immensely in skill and understanding of the Chinese language. Her teaching style is never boring, and the minutes of the lesson fly by! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Chinese teacher, of all levels, because she is well equipped to teach anyone.

Stella, high school student in New York


I walk away from every lesson having learnt a lot while having had a lot of fun at the same time.

David Reynolds, Software Developer in Ottawa

I really like the games and the fun of it all. And it's been pretty good so far. The lessons are good too.I'm learning A LOT!

Latika, an 8-year-old learner of Chinese in Vancouver


Her Tutor Lessons are fun and easy to take even if you are not proficient, thanks to her ability to "fine tune" the content and method to your level.

Riccardo C., Engineer in Florence

I think that Peggy is a really dynamic teacher with a great sense of time management both in teaching and in listening to the student.

Davide Codecasa, Owner of Park Hotel Villa Ariston in Lido di Camaiore


Peggy is incredibly patient and understanding of her students' concerns. She also has a great personality and a sense of humor! As a former teacher myself, I highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to improve their speaking ability in Chinese.

Jason Downs, Educator in New York

I have never picked up my mandarin this quickly before Peggy, no other teacher or classroom will ever compare.

Marie L, Owner of A Pet Grooming Business in New York