Peggy Lee (LI, JIA-HUI) is the founder and the owner of PeggyTeachesChinese. She was born and raised in Taiwan and began her language teaching career in 2008. She received her B.A. in Applied English - Translation, from the first American-accredited University in Asia, Ming Chuan University, Taiwan. She was a Fulbright fellow and is completing a graduate degree in National Taiwan Normal University. 

In 2009, Peggy established a digital Mandarin-learning platform under the name PeggyTeachesChinese. She has continued to build the popularity of her brand through YouTube and other social media. Today, her YouTube channel has gained over 17,000 subscribers and has received nearly 3 million hits. On her channel, she provides over 100 videos about learning Mandarin, Chinese culture and traveling to Taiwan to be viewed online for free. She has taught hundreds of students from all over the world. 

From 2009 to 2012, Peggy also worked as an English instructor of Taiwanese children and adults before receiving her Fulbright Fellowship. During her Fulbright FLTA Fellowship (2012 - 2013), she taught Mandarin and Chinese Culture to students at the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith. Currently, she continues to develop her digital Mandarin-learning platform, while completing a master's degree in Chinese as a Second Language with National Taiwan Normal University.