Founder & Owner of PeggyTeachesChinese

Creator, Chinese Teacher, Fulbrighter, M.A.

My name is Peggy Lee. Jia-Hui Li (李家慧) is my Chinese name. I was born and raised in Taiwan. I am the founder and owner of PeggyTeachesChinese, an online learning platform that offers free Chinese-learning videos and a tutoring service. I have been making YouTube videos since college in 2009. I love creating videos to teach Chinese language and share Chinese culture!

I received my Master’s degree in Chinese as a Second Language from National Taiwan Normal University. I have taught Chinese online to hundreds of students worldwide and in the classroom, first as a Fulbright fellow at the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith and then as a lecturer at Wake Forest University.

I design and create all the Chinese-learning content myself. My YouTube videos are free to be viewed for anyone who is interested in Chinese language and culture. You can support my work in my exclusive learning community on Patreon, where you will have access to my monthly Q&A events, downloadable study materials and other special benefits.