Online Tutor Lessons with Peggy


Learner-centered lesson is

  • Tailored to your learning goals

    • Traditional characters

    • Simplified characters

    • Zhuyin (bopomofo)

    • Pinyin

  • Designed based on your progress

  • Scheduled at your convenience

Each lesson includes

  • Communication

  • 1-on-1 interaction

  • Pattern drills

  • Corrective feedback

  • Supplementary study materials

All you need is

  • Computer or tablet computer

  • Webcam

  • Microphone

  • Headphones

  • Internet connection

  • Skype account




(50 mins per lesson)


(Int' fees included)

Net Rate/Lesson






$44.19 (SAVE $7.05 )



$42.81 (SAVE $22.40)



$39.73 (SAVE $81.78)

Lesson Packages

How to Book Your Lessons?

  1. Select a lesson package.

  2. Pay through PayPal. A payment notification will be sent to my email.

  3. I will email you to book our lesson.

  4. You are very much encouraged to contact me to introduce yourself.


I hold a Master of Chinese as a Second Language from National Taiwan Normal University.

I taught Chinese at University of Arkansas - Fort Smith and Wake Forest University in the U.S.

Peggy is a masterful teacher who cares about her craft and students. She approaches her work with both professionalism and playfulness, rigor and flexibly, structure and creativity. What’s more, Peggy has a growth mindset, is open to feedback, and is constantly seeking to improve. If you are serious about learning Chinese, look no further.
— Roi Ben-Yehuda, Professor at Columbia University

Students’ Work

My Catalonian student and I having our weekly lessons

My Catalonian student and I having our weekly lessons

My Canadian student's character writing homework

My Canadian student's character writing homework


Terms of Service

  1. Rates are only applicable to one student. For small group classes, please use contact form to inquire lesson rate.

  2. All rates and terms of service are subject to change without prior notice by PeggyTeachesChinese.

  3. Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy

    Lesson(s) will be automatically deducted in the following circumstances: 

    • Cancelling or rescheduling appointed lesson(s) without a 24-hour notification.

    • Student is absent during the appointed lesson(s).

      Please make sure that you have installed the latest version of Skype and your internet connection and other equipments work properly before each lesson. Please see Tutorial Setup to see how to ensure Skype works properly on Windows or Mac.

  4. From the time of first purchase, you have up to 12 months to use your credits with PeggyTeachesChinese. After which time, those credits become void. I appreciate your understanding and support!

  • Reminder to Students: For students of countries that institute Daylight Saving Time(DST), please pay attention to the time change.