Celebrating 10 Years 🎉

10 Years.png

As I rendered the new Travel Taiwan video, it dawned on me that PeggyTeachesChinese turns 10 years old this month! 😲

I was a 19-year-old college student studying English in Taiwan when I created PeggyTeachesChinese back in February 2009. It's been a long path...finishing college, going abroad to teach Chinese, getting a Master's degree to now building this brand full time. 

I am deeply grateful that I have been able to do what I love in the past 10 years...and to continue to move forward with it. I have become a much more skilled teacher and content creator. 

I thank all my patrons, supporters and students for walking this path with me and believing in what I am building. Without you, PeggyTeachesChinese could not have grown so much! 

Together, let's continue to make Chinese fun and interesting! 😊

Happy Learning, 

Peggy Lee