How to Set up Skype on Microsoft for Tutor Lessons

This page describes different steps you can take to ensure that Skype will operate efficiently on your Windows before the appointment of our tutorial session beings: 

1. Make sure your webcam, headphone and microphone perform correctly

Call (top menu) - Audio Settings...

Make sure your microphone produces green bars when you speak aloud and your speakers work properly. 

mic setting.PNG

Move your mouse lower and click on the Video Settings. If your camera works, you should appear on the screen. Also, make sure you allow yourself to make video calls with your Skype contacts. 

video 2.PNG

2. Check if there is a newer version of Skype

Help (top menu) - Check for Updates

Updating to the latest version usually takes only a several minutes. However, sometimes you may have to restart your Skype or computer after Skype has finished updating. 

Skype update.PNG

If you are already using the latest version of Skype, you are good to go!

Latest version.PNG

3. Use Echo/Sound Test Service to test your sound

Echo/Sound Test Service should automatically be on your contact list. This action will require you to record your own voice and the voice will be played back to you. If you can hear your own recording, it means your microphone and headphone both work.

skype call.PNG

4. If you have done steps 1, 2 and 3 and there are still issues, you should restart your computer and Skype.