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Who am I? 
My name is Peggy Lee. Li, Jia-Hui (李家慧) is my Chinese name. In 2009, I launched PeggyTeachesChinese on YouTube and its online tutorial service. Since then, I have published over 100 video lessons and taught hundreds of international students. I also completed my M.A. degree in Chinese as a Second Language and worked as an instructor in Wake Forest University and the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith in the US. I feel I am ready, on a professional level, to dedicate myself fully to creating quality content on YouTube. I create and produce all of these videos by myself. PeggyTeachesChinese is currently a full time project as I aim to release 2 lessons per week and maintain this online learning community. 

I am honored to be a part of your learning journey with Chinese language and culture! 

Why do I need your support? 
Creating these video lessons is extremely time consuming. It is my goal to concentrate fully on this creative passion of mine. To continue delivering free video lessons, I ask for your support. Any contribution, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated! 

How much time does one short video lesson take? 
To make sure each lesson is properly researched and delivered, I normally go through a process that involves several stages: 

Stage I: Research - Lesson Plan - Script Writing
When I plan out a lesson, I read articles and do research in corpus (linguistic databases) to make sure I am teaching the most authentic materials and I am explaining vocabulary or sentence patterns in a clearest way possible. 

Stage II: Set Up - Film
Before filming, I have my scripts proofread by a professional English writer making sure there isn't any grammatical mistakes in my translations. Then I begin to rehearse how I am going to deliver my lecture in front of the camera and to practice my tone marks when I teach. 

Since I am filming myself, I also have to be the one monitoring my own performance in terms of both video and audio. Each scene requires 3 to 6 takes, for I need to make sure these clips will make a successful lesson video. As a result, a three-minute video could take between 40 minutes to 2 hour to film. 

Stage III: Edit - Render - Publish
Any person with editing experience knows editing takes a loooonnnggg time. I need to select the proper clips, fix the picture and the audio, create subtitles, find images matching the lesson and so on and so forth. When I spend all day editing, it takes me 1 day or 1 day and half to complete editing one short video lesson. Very often, I catch typos or errors after a video that has been rendered, I have to go back to editing software and fix the error and re-render it. Then, it's good to go! 

Stage IV: Share and Reply to Questions/Comments
I upload the video onto my YouTube channel and type up all the information and details required. After that, I share the video link on my social media and respond to viewers' comments. 

How will your support help me? 
Your support allows me to dedicate myself completely to creating these videos and it sustains a steady production of these free lessons. Furthermore, this new content will be able to reach a greater range of learners and viewers around the world whom also indirectly benefit from YOUR support

On Patreon, there are five levels of support which I have aligned with the original Five Animals of Chinese martial arts (Kung Fu): Tiger (虎 hǔ), Crane (鶴 hè), Leopard (豹 bào), Snake (蛇 shé) and Dragon (龍 lóng)

I appreciate that you took the time to read the description about me and my passion. Thank you for being a part of the supportive network for my creativity and for this Chinese-learning community! Even if you don't have the budget to support me at this point, I still am delighted and thankful to have you as a member of this community.  

Happy Learning, 

Peggy Lee