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(Based on the Five Animals in Chinese martial arts)



1. Tiger (虎 Hǔ)
Behind-The-Scene Photos. Connect with me directly and view the glimpse of my creative life through Lens (pics or clips) and behind-the-scene photos.

2. Crane (鶴/鹤 Hè)
Download ALL audio (mp3) for the video lessons I create on YouTube. 

3. Leopard (豹 Bào)
Blooper videos. A collection of my personal messages to you and some of the funniest deleted scenes! 

4. Snake (蛇 Shé)
Download ALL study sheets (pdf sample). All vocabulary and sentence examples are outlined in: 

  • Traditional characters

  • Simplified characters 

  • Pinyin

  • English

These worksheets will help you follow my lessons and make learning a lot easier!

5. Dragon (龍/龙 Lóng)
Become a contributor and have your names mentioned in the special Thank-You-Shout-Out in my videos.
Connect with me LIVE on Skype. Let's get to know each other!  

SAMPLE_Study Sheet Page 1.jpg

Study Sheet

Here is a sample of a three-page study sheet for 把 Ba video. All vocabulary, sentence patterns and dialogue are outlined in:

1) Traditional Characters

2) Simplified Characters

3) Pinyin

4) English

I am excited to be a part of your learning journey!